Joining KACRAO

There a four types of membership:

  • Institutional (for colleges/universities in Kansas) benefits (if your institution held membership and it has lapsed contact [email protected])
  • Associate (for colleges/universities outside of Kansas) benefits (if your institution held membership and it has lapsed contact [email protected])
  • Individual benefits (if only one person is joining, not eligible to register for College Planning Conferences
  • Student and Honorary benefits

Please review the KACRAO Constitution to review whom is eligible for membership in KACRAO

Benefits of Membership

All members may participate in Association activities. Members will receive the Association newsletter; other publications may be limited to institutional members or some other type(s) of membership, as determined by the Executive Council. Members will also have complete access to the KACRAO Website. Institutional members shall be on the invitation list for the College Planning Conferences.

How to apply for KACRAO Memberships

All applicants for membership and former members (requesting reinstatement) shall file the appropriate online application with the Membership Committee. Application forms will include the applicant’s reason for wishing to join the Association and the applicant’s role and/or interest in post-secondary education.  An affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Executive Council shall be required to approve an application for membership. Membership becomes effective upon notification from the Membership Committee chairperson.

Already a member and you would like to add a new team member to your membership? 

Please log into your KACRAO Members Only Portal.  From there select "Members Only" and choose "Add new institutional or associate member". If you have questions contact the VP for Association Services at [email protected].

For information or questions, please contact:

Vice President for Association Services
[email protected]