Statement of Good Practices for Secondary Student Recruitment

Adopted by KCA and KACRAO

Professional Responsibilities

All school’s counselors have the right to expect and demand professional behavior from any person coming into the school to interact with students. Therefore, athletic, ROTC, and other individual departmental recruiters, as well as proprietary schools and military agencies, shall adhere to the Statement of Good Practices adopted by the Kansas Counseling Association (KCA) and the Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (KACRAO), stipulated for KACRAO members.

The official admissions representative shall be designated by and responsible to the director of admissions of said university or college. Individual departments should work with the corresponding departmental people within the secondary schools. Other individuals such as alumni shall schedule their activities after school hours unless requested by the high school.

High School Visits

The Admissions Office representative shall make student visitation requests to the secondary school counselor using professional courtesy and judgment. You, as Admissions Professionals, are to adhere and work around each high school’s scheduled visitation times. The representative shall make requests for school visits with specific students only through the counselor and is encouraged to provide the counselor with a list of prospective students with whom he/she would like to meet.

The representative shall report directly to the counselor upon arrival at the high school and shall allow adequate time to give all students the opportunity to have interaction with the representative. Though the local high school determines the number of visits, it is recommended that there be no more than two per year by the individual institutions. The representative shall be allowed to visit during the school day if the visit does not interfere with academic exercises. KACRAO member institutions shall not use current college students for recruitment purposes during regular high school hours.

The high school counselor shall provide students with information about the proposed visit from the postsecondary school. They shall adequately provide students with knowledge of this upcoming visit. The high school counselor should provide adequate meeting space for this visit.

Campus Visits

The campus visit is an integral part of the student’s selection process. Students shall actively be encouraged to visit one or more post-secondary institutions. Senior Days and other special campus events serve their purpose; however, students should be permitted to visit a campus during a school day so that daily campus operations may be observed.

The high school counselor or students may arrange with the admissions counselor a date well in advance to the proposed visit. The high school counselor should help provide insight to the prospective student(s) as to what should be accomplished during this visit. The students shall fulfill their part of the scheduled visit by reporting to the campus at the designated place and time. Students should notify institution of any change of plans. The admissions counselor shall provide students with a representative view of the institution including visits with departmental, special activity, financial aid, and housing representatives.

Home Visits

The admissions officer shall make visits to the student’s home only with the prior approval of both the student and the student’s parents and with consideration of the family’s privacy and time.

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