High School Counselors

KACRAO is your place for college resources in the state of Kansas and beyond.  Utilize us to organize College Planning Conferences, provide Planning for College presentations, state scholarships, and other higher education information.  With over 80 institutional members, KACRAO stays current with state legislation and provides resources valuable to you.  Contact us today for any college needs or questions you and your students may have.

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KACRAO has partnered with MyMajors to provide an additional (and free) resource to high school students attending College Planning Conferences, or just interested in learning more about college majors.

What College Major is Right for You?

High School Students: Prior to attending one of KACRAO’s College Planning Conferences, take 15 minutes and complete KACRAO’s best-fit majors assessment at KACRAO.MYMAJORS.COM. After taking this assessment, you will be recommended majors and careers based on your academic achievements, interests, and personality. You will also get information about which colleges will be represented at the conference you plan on attending.  

Counselors: Have your students complete the assessment and help them review both their major recommendations and corresponding advisement report prior to attending one of KACRAO’s College Planning Conferences.