KACRAO Committees

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Executive Council

Purpose: To direct and administer the business of the Association, conducting the day-to-day activities of the Association as directed by the Constitution.

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2022-2023 President:  Brenda Carmichael, Flint Hills Technical College

Awards and Accolades Committee

Purpose: To aid the Association in recognizing individuals who have significantly contributed to the Association and/or to the philosophy it represents.

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2022-2023 Chair: Megan Chambers, Kansas State University

College Planning Conference Committee

Purpose: To provide college planning conferences and related activities for Kansas high school students.

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2022-2023 Chair: Kyle Stacken, Fort Hays State University

Local Arrangements Committee

Purpose: To provide appropriate facilities for the annual conference.

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2022-2023 Co-Chairs:  Stephanie Lanning, Joseph Tinsley, Darcie Capo, Washburn University

Nominations and Elections Committee

Purpose: To secure a slate annually of nominees for the offices of President-Elect, Vice President for Association Services, Vice President for Outreach, Vice President for Professional Development, Secretary; and biennially for Treasurer-Elect.

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2022-2023 Chair: Megan Chambers, Kansas State University

Program Committee

Purpose: To plan the professional program of the annual conference.

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2022-2023 Chair: Hugo Perez, Fort Hays State University

Publications Committee

Purpose: To serve the communication needs of the Association through electronic newsletters and other media.

kac[email protected]org

2022-2023 Chair: Ashley Johnson, Flint Hills Technical College

Scholarship Committee

Purpose: To foster knowledge and awareness of the Association for high school administrators, students, parents, and the general public and to manage the scholarship program of the Association.

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2022-2023 Chair: Chad Steinkamp, Wichita State University

Summer Drive-In Workshop Committee

Purpose: To plan and promote a workshop each summer for support staff in Admissions and Registrar offices of the Association.

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2022-2023 Chair: Amy Morris, Neosho Community College

New KACRAO Workshop Committee

Purpose: To provide support to new Association members through the New KACRAO Workshop at the annual meeting and throughout the academic year.

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2022-2023 Chair: Eric Sanford, Friends University

Apply Kansas Committee

Purpose: To plan and promote the Apply Kansas activities which include helping students around Kansas to apply for post-secondary education.

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2022-2023 Chair: Lynette Hilty, Hutchinson Community College

Kansas City (KC) Metro College Fair Committee

Purpose: To plan and promote the KC Metro college fair.

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2022-2023 Chair:  Bryan Crouch, Flint Hills Technical College

Committee Access

Committee members have access to a committee's private message board and file repository. By accessing the committee section, you are able to better connect and stay abreast of the latest developments and initiatives. 

To get started:
  1. Log into the member section of the website.
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  3. Under "My Features," click Committees.
  4. View and respond to previous messages and files.
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