Institutional Membership


  • Vote at the annual business meeting
  • Serve on standing committees
  • Receive an automatic invitation to any of the CPC’s
  • Quarterly Newsletter (KACRAO Current)
  • KACRAO Membership Directory
  • Receive a password for the members-only sections of the KACRAO website

To Join:

Note: Institutional Membership is available only to institutions within the State of Kansas.

Submit the Institutional Member Application (if your institution's membership has lapsed email [email protected]). The application will reviewed by the Vice President for Membership Services then be forwarded to the Executive Council. An affirmation vote by the majority of the Executive Council shall be required to approve an application. Membership becomes effective upon notification from the Membership Committee Chair and receipt of payment.


The annual dues will be assessed to each institution on the basis of unduplicated headcount reported in the Kansas Higher Education Enrollment Report for the preceding fall. Annual invoices emailed in October with fee payment due December 31st of the preceding year (i.e. 2024 membership fees due December 31, 2023).

Under 1,000 students = $65

1,000 to 4,999 students = $80

5,000 to 9,999 = $110

10,000 students and over = $120


January 1 through December 31, culminating in the annual meeting.


To apply for membership, please submit the Institutional Membership Application.