Student and Honorary Membership

Student members are drawn from those students from institutional members who have demonstrated an interest in admissions, records, registration, or any other enrollment management related areas; and who are recommended by an institutional member representative. 

Honorary members shall be drawn from those individuals who have contributed significantly to the Association byt who are no longer eligible to be institutional member representatives. 


  • No annual dues.
  • Eligible to pay 75% of the registration fee at the annual conference.
  • High School Counselor Directory
  • College Planning Conference (CPC) Calendar
  • Quarterly Newsletter (KACRAO Current)
  • KACRAO Membership Directory
  • You will be encouraged to participate in programs offered at the annual meeting.


Student and Honorary membership does NOT entitle you to:

  • Vote at the annual meeting
  • Serve on standing committees
  • Receive and automatic invitation to any of the CPC’s