The Quarantine Blues

The Quarantine Blues


Journal Entry: Day 15 of quarantine. I have more conversations with my dog than I do an actual human. I’ve watched 12 full series on Netflix. Send help and pizza but please dress in a hazmat suit and mask.


This quarantine was highly unexpected. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the world would get closed down when I first heard about the virus. Even when cases in the USA came up I didn’t take it very seriously. But now. Now I am in total disbelief. I am a social butterfly and this social distancing is really throwing me for a loop!


School has been closed for two weeks and I find myself doing all of this work on my computer at home. I miss my office. I miss my coworkers. I miss the smells and sounds our building makes. Now the only sounds I have is my music playing and my dog squeaking her toys. The only smells I have is the food I have made and the occasional dog flatulence. There were always those mornings I’m sure we’ve all had where we didn’t want to wake up and go to work. But now I have such a longing for human interactions. 


Work just isn't the same at home. I have to remote in and do whatever needs to be done from my desktop. I do not know how people do this everyday. Just sit at a computer and work in silence. If you have some tips please let me know! I feel like a high school kid making prank calls when I reach out to students/prospects. I have to *67 them so they do not have my number because Lord knows I do not want a prospect calling me at midnight asking what they need to turn in to be accepted. 


One of the biggest things I miss is the camaraderie with my bosses and coworkers. We always have good conversations. Talk about our families and events going on to take a small break from some of the daunting tasks we have to get done for work. I have developed a lot of friends with people at Salina Area Tech. People I had no thoughts of being close with when I first started. I think they saw the young twenty-four year old kid coming in and probably thought the same of me! I am thinking about requesting a zoom meeting just to catch up with my work friends and see how they are doing! 


Amidst the quiet I have gotten a lot done. With no distractions from variables I seem to be very efficient! What would take me an hour at work takes me forty-five minutes at home and that’s an extra fifteen minutes to add to nap time! 


These are just my thoughts. I hope all reading this are doing well and staying safe!


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