KACRAO is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional association of more than 400 higher education administrators who represent nearly 80 institutions and agencies in the State of Kansas.

This website serves as the official communication tool for the Association. The KACRAO website contains many resources for its members. The Member Services section is a password-protected KACRAO members only section that includes the KACRAO membership directories, high school directories, and College Planning Conferences schedules as well as other resources.

Awards and Accolades

KACRAO is filled with so many great individuals who give back to the organization, their colleges and universities, and to the communities we live in.  Please take the time to nominate KACRAO members for their service by visiting the Awards and Accolades page and filling out the nomination form.

Contact Pete Belk at pbelk@jccc.edu with any questions.



Have you wanted to get involved in KACRAO, but you weren't sure how?  Do you have someone in your office or on your committee that would make an excellent addition to the KACRAO Executive Council?  If so, take a few minutes our of your busy day and nominate them now.  Visit the Executive Council page to learn more about each position!

Contact Pete Belk at pbelk@jccc.edu with any questions.